Dragon Eyes on Everything

They're the new googly eyes

Dragons are all the rage, and where you might have once glued googly eyes to a mailbox or your shoes, now it's all about the dragon eyes. Artist Dragonarium does just that and sells her cool creations, but did you know that it's easy to do it yourself? This semester my daughter's been in a geek art class run by a friend of mine and she taught us how to put dragon eyes on journals! Here's a cool tutorial to teach you how to do it. With a glass rock, paint, egg shells, tissue paper and a few other items you can make dragon scales and eyes on just about anything.

I love making my daughter things for the holidays; in the past I've made her Studio Ghibli plushies, Stranger Things and Fantastic Beasts creatures and other fun items. This year I might try a dragon, but then again she already makes her own dragons so maybe I should do something else. 

Do you make dragon crafts? What have you made?

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