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I'm not one to go out and spend a bunch of money on crafting supplies to make something that's more expensive than buying it outright. I do know a few friends who do this and more power to them if it makes them happy, but I'd rather support an artist for a $20 project than spend $30 on materials to make it myself, know what I mean? That said, if it's a project that calls for easy, DIY materials that I have at home, or materials that I mostly have with a single purchase (you run out of hot glue after a while, right?), I'm always game for a new craft. 

This list of 52 easy crafts from Country Living has some really cute ideas, many of which can be made at home or can be adapted with things you might already have at home. I never would have throught of using a broom for a witchy chandelier, but I definitely have enough wire and jars to pull this off (as long as I'm willing to give up the contents that normally go into those jars, like my iced coffee and kefir!). The cute little spooky haunted house is a perfect decoration for any room and if you've got a shoebox, tissue box or other cardboard lying around, you can pull it off.

What are your favorite easy Halloween crafts? What are you crafting this week?

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