Exploding Chickens

Or crafting wild images from your food!

Have you ever seen fried chicken be used as a pyrotechnics show? If not, you're in for a treat with these hilarious images of Kentucky Fried Chicken being used as huge explosions, fiery pyrotechnics and other funny images. Sure, it's KFC, but it's such a fun idea to use in your own art and craft-making this summer. I often incorporate candy into crafting since we don't really eat it around here (with the exception of chocolate!), and you wouldn't even imagine the kinds of sugar sculptures we've made--or how long they've lasted.

Blame my mom if you want; as a kid, she had us eat "birds' nests" made out of peas and mashed potatoes. I've never even dreamed of using fried chicken for my art, though! This opens all kinds of possibilities. I really want to start playing with my food now.

How about you? What kind of foodie crafts do you make?

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