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If you're crafty at repurposing old furniture and making it look totally different, you might appreciate the new wave of fandom furniture sweeping across the land. (That even sounds like a fandom line--maybe from The Neverending Story!) People are changing everything from their sofas and beds to their pet accessories to mirror their favorite fandoms and it's a fine line between obsession and fun and I love it.

Take these cool Star Wars chairs, for example. I want TIE fighters in my house! Especially if they're not, you know, blowing people up. I've seen all kinds of cool things, from at-ats built out of cardboard and used as cat houses to Eye of Sauron scratchign posts and I want it all. Recently we were given a lamp that looks a LOT like the Eye of Sauron, so that's it's name. I'm not going to alter it in any way; it's simply the all-seeing Eye now.

Are you crafty at furniture building or repurposing? Share what you've done in the chat!

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