Fun Fall Crafts

What are you making this week?

Every fall brings with it a burst of fresh color and new opportunities for crafting. Jim Gaffigan has joked about how morbid it is that we rejoice the death of the leaves, but it's hard to not love those hues--or the sudden dip in temperature that many of us are craving so badly. In September, my family always makes fairy houses, and not just because it's fun. Our local Renaissance Fair gives free admission to entrants of the fairy house contest, so we always try to make houses to get in. We like to use fall leaves as our general motif, but this year my teen sculptued a clay pumpkin house and I'm making a sparkly disco house (still in fall colors)!

We're also hard at work on our Boo Bags, which we'll be giving out throughout October. We are hoping to do a few a week, although ideally it would be daily. One year I hope to give them out daily! So far we have lots of cute little Halloween appliques to add to the bags, as well as a few little goodies, but we definitely need to work on getting more treats and gifts.

What fall projects are you working on? Share your fun fall crafts in the chat!

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