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My family and I love to craft geeky stuff for the holidays. My husband and I have made our daughter everything from a felt, plush Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle to her own Marauder's Map, and my daughter and I have made so many geeky snowflakes, from Darth Vader to Doctor Who cybermen and adipose snowflakes. Many of these have been super complicated, however, and I was happy to find this tutorial at Geek Mom with some helpful tricks.

From Captain America to the Joker, Deadpool to Kylo Ren and more, you'll see that they've made a bunch of cool snowflakes without complicated patterns that you have to painstakingly print out! How? By making a standard snowflake and a simple pattern to go along with it. No, you can't make complicated cuts, but you can make snowflakes with obvious geeky designs that truly showcase the character you're trying to convey.

Do you have any great snowflake tips or tutorials along these lines? Share them in the chat!

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