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November is often a time of reflection in my home, especially after two action! packed! months of fall filled with classes, field trips and events. This year, we had a big family change right smack in the middle of this when my husband's schedule changed, and our one-car family found ourselves scrambling to get where we need to go. We're still scrambling. It's especially difficult after having committed to all of our activities.

But one thing I know is that we are so grateful for the help we've received between family, friends and understanding teachers. That makes completing our gratitude crafts pretty easy this year. We like to make gratitude trees, adding a leaf for everything we're grateful for throughout the month as we go along, but I've seen some other really beautiful crafts along the same lines, too, from beautiful heart prints to silly turkeys with multi-colored feathers.

What types of gratitude crafts will you be making this month? Share your links in the chat!

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