Halloween Stickers

Where do you buy yours?

It's Halloween and the stickers are the best of the year! Okay, I love me some Christmas stickers, too, but these are fantastic. We use them on everything from our calendars, cards and boo bags to random crafts and even costumes throughout the month!

With many of us boycotting certain craft stores due to their unfair healthcare stance and other policies, I know a lot of crafters are turning to JoAnne's, Michaels and even Target for supplies. I also know that many local craft shops have great supplies, as do some online sources, so I'm curious about where you get your craft supplies, particularly when it comes to Halloween stickers.

We like to get them at Michael's a lot because my teen and I like their cheap Creatology stickers and many of the shiny stickers for craft projects. Where do you get your Halloween stickers? Share your favorite sources in the chat.

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