Happy Little Trees For Bob

A true memorial for a kind and generous man

Bob Ross, Mr. Rogers and LeVar Burton are the wholesome heroes we need today, and while two are gone they're certainly not forgotten. In Michigan, Bob Ross fans just planed 1,000 "happy little trees" to honor the artist, and is there really any better way to honor someone than to give life to that many people and plants? Hundreds of volunteers worked hard on the project in order to replace the diseased trees of the area, and prison inmates will be caring for the trees as they grow.

Ross would surely love to know more happy little trees were planted in his name, and really this is exactly the kind of activism, crafting and general giving that the world needs right now. Combining craft projects with eco care and stewardship is the best way to care for our present and our future while still enjoying the hobbies we love.

What lessons did you learn from Ross or the other heroes mentioned above? What craft projects are you doing that help in some way? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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