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If you're a knitter or if you crochet, you already know what kind of joy you can get not only out of having a craft and hobby you can do just about anywhere while watching TV or chatting with friends, but also the satisfaction you can get by giving loved ones gifts that you made yourself. Luckily you also live in the age of the Internet where you have access to neverending plans and supplies!

I ran across this cable knit beanie and thought it would be perfect for my two-year-old niece. It's not only cozy but it's also so cute! I'd love a mint green one but this gold one is also really cute. I've seen some other patterns this week that were also adorable, like this cozy one on Etsy, too. A friend of mine makes incredible hats and shoes, and she always knows where to get the best supplies, which seems like magic to me.

What kinds of patterns have you been making lately? Share them in the chat!

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