Last Minute Ugly Sweaters

Quick and easy ideas to get you to the party in time

Ugly sweaters are all the rage, but I have to admit that I honestly just think they're adorable. I've seen so many for sale as "ugly sweaters," particularly in various fandoms, but thought they were too cute to be ugly. I've even thought a lot of DIY ones I've seen are really cute, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it doesn't take much to qualify! That's why these quick ideas are great for making a really fast, last-minute ugly sweater for your party. It's still a good idea to do this a day or two in advance when possible so your sweater can dry.

Glue a bunch of random things on it. Candy wrappers work well, as do random photos, lightweight office supplies and even car air fresheners!

Glue tinsel ALL over it. You will be the sparkliest person in the room.

Go with a theme. Be static cling and glue a bunch of dryer sheets and socks to your sweater. Do a magnetic theme with some magnets (take the magnets out first!). A cheap set of kid's alphabet magnets would work well for this.

Celebrate your fandom by gluing on minifigs, action figures and other merch (that you don't mind getting glue-y for a night).

Need more ideas? Here are dozens more!

How do you make a last-minute ugly sweater? Share your favorite tips in the chat.

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