Leprechaun Hunting Crafts

Send the family on a wild goose chase

To some, leprechauns are awful stereotypes of the Irish people; I get it. But if you're not wont to use them in this manner (see photograph) and instead as one of the fairy folk of legends, you could do some fun leprechaun crafts with your family this year for St. Patrick's Day (or just for kicks if you're not into the pagans being driven out of Ireland...).

This cute leprechaun-catching kit will get your kids excited to go looking for a lucky fairy person with a pot of gold. You could even make it into an "escape room" scenario with some math puzzles and games to solve in order to win the leprechaun's help instead of catching him.

What kinds of crafts will you be doing for St. Patrick's Day or springtime? Share them with us in the chat!

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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