Math Via Knitting

More knitting wonders!

Last week we discussed some amazing projects you can do with your knitting, like donating it to babies in the NICU. But did you know that you can also use the art of knitting to learn even more skills? One math teacher uses knitting to help students learn the subject in class! 

Sara Jensen, an advanced math instructor at Carthage College, uses the art of knitting in her classes, but it sounds like they are getting even more instruction than just in math and knitting. The students are learning about topography, problem solving, difficult math theories and more through the method. I've heard that music and playing an instrument work wonders for learning math but this is something different entirely! It's also quite exciting, as it proves once again how interconnected everything is, and how weird it is to separate subjects.

Have you heard of any other great ways crafts are being used today this week?

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