New Year's Crafts

What are you making?

Do you have any crafting goals or projects coming up in the New Year? Each New Year, one of the first things we do is burn our old tree and calendar, which isn't exactly a craft, but we do save pieces of the tree for crafts throughout the year. We also update our "Family Notice Board" with our map of states we've been to, countries we've collected postcards from, our giving tree and other fun projects.

The giving tree is simply the skeleton of a tree without leaves. We paint it and add a leaf every time we volunteer, donate something or otherwise give our time and money to a cause we support. I also make print-outs of the hikes and programs we hope to do in the coming year. We tried a cool color-the-leaf-in tree craft where you did a different color every day depending on the weather one year, but we totally failed at keeping up with the thing.

This year, I want to do this beautiful handprint seasons of the year tree craft. I'm thinking of layering all of our hands with different shades of brown or even making a couple of these. There are a few other fun craft projects I have in mind this year, too, including new kitchen art to replace the old one I painted on the wall. How about you? What craft projects are in store for 2019?

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