New Year's Wish Ornaments

What will you write in yours?

Can you believe it's already almost a new year, Crafters? This one rushed by (and, in some cases, crawled slowly, slowly) and it seems to pass more quickly every year. One of my favorite crafts for this time of year is a New Year's Wishing Ball.

You can find empty ornament globes for this in many places; the Dollar Tree even had plastic ones this year. You can fill them with paper confetti, biodegradable glitter, whatever you like, and write your wishes for the New Year on slips of paper to put inside. You can paint them, too. 

Some say you have to smash them to make them come true, but we've kept ours to hang and admire. For an extra pop, write your wishes on origami star paper and fold them into stars!

What are your New Year's wishes or resolutions? Share them and any crafts you're making in the chat!

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