Old CD Crafts

How do you use them?

It still boggles my mind how outdated so many forms of tech have become in just a decade or two. Looking at floppy discs and CDs, I can imagine how people felt when 8-tracks went out of style. The cool thing about old CDs is that you can often use them for craft projects, which is more than I can say about floppies (although I did hear of people using them as coasters...).

My teen and I have used old discs for everything from color wheels in their art classes to creatures of the Harry Potter world. We've made "suncatchers" (they're not actually as good as suncatchers but they are shiny and pretty), holiday decorations and lots of other cool things. I've seen much more complicated projects online, too, for those interested. Once we even made a hologram projector out of an old CD case!

What projects have you made out of old CDs? Share your recycled crafts in the chat!

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