The Planner Frenzy

Are you a "planner" person?

In the seventh grade, I got my first planner from my junior high school. We were meant to write our assignments in it, and I was hooked. What a fantastic way to remember what you needed to do! I loved to customize my planner, making special boxes for after-school activities, adding quotes and stickers and generally just staying on top of my life and being creative at the same time.

Today I see people everywhere in this sort of planner frenzy. It's all over Pinterest and there are complete aisles at the craft store dedicated to it. Part of me loves it; I can find some neat things for my own planner, after all. But part of me despises it because people typecast me as this "planner" person. I maintain that everyone has to keep track of their appointments and tasks for work, school and so forth, so I'm not different in that respect.

My planner doesn't look pretty to me; it's a bit of a mess, especially since I use the "stickering" to cover up things I didn't get done or to manage my anxiety while I'm not home. You might knit or sew or read a book; I play with stickers in my planner like a kid. I know I'm a little different in that regard, but I think everyone keeps a calendar to track their events, and most writers I know have some way of tracking their work (I also homeschool, so I have a lot to juggle in there). 

So what I want to know is, if you do use a planner and get crafty with it, is it more of a hobby for you or just a part of your life? Do people think you're different you from them because you plan differently? What kinds of things do you use in your planning and what is your goal when you work/play in your planner?

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