Rainbow Crafts

Celebrate Pride Month

Whether you're teaching kids about Pride, celebrating with your LGBTQ loved one or honoring your own identity, it's a great time of the year to make some fun Pride crafts to display now or all year long. We've been making flags, friendship bracelets and even a Pride wand this month, so I was thrilled to see this list of more craft ideas. 

I LOVE the paper flowers and the wreath so much. I'm looking for some big impact crafts for my picture window and I think those would work super well. I love the rainbow garland for indoors and might make one of those, too. I'd love to put up multicolor lights for our Pride party this weekend but I think they might look too Christmas-y. What do you think?

Do you make Pride decorations or crafts? If so, which ones and how do you go about making them or decorating? Share your ideas in the chat!

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