Science March Protestors Make Brain Hats

How to Make One

Remember back when Samantha Bee said that the key to getting white women to care about a cause and participate is to give them a craft to do? As hilarious as that was, now people who are planning on marching for science in April are knitting brain hats for the walk.

Yes, you can make it pink, but some people are choosing to make their brain hats brown, grey, black or even green (zombies, anyone?). If you want to make one (whether you are marching for science or not), you can find out how with this free pattern from Ravelry.

Have you made a hat for any of this year’s protests or marches? If you have one, show us in the comments. Have you made an alternate style hate? Post that, too! Tell us what kind of yarn you prefer and how you get deals on your yarn, too.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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