Snowflake Crafts for Teens

What kinds would you recommend?

All jokes about snowflakes aside, it's the time of year to celebrate actual snowflakes! I love snowflakes and am a sucker for any photo of them up close. I recently saw one of them on a horse and thought it was one of the prettiest things I've ever seen. Next week, we have another teen crafternoon at my house and I'm thinking snowflakes would make a great non-denominational winter craft for all of these kids to do.

I have a bunch of beads, so I thought beaded snowflakes might be a good craft. It doesn't require a lot of thought and gives them time to chat while they thread beads. I think we could use wire or pipe cleaners, which might be more "kiddish" but easier to work with. I also thought about printing some tutorials/templates for "geeky" snowflakes; we've made Darth Vader, Doctor Who and other themed ones in the past.

What types of snowflake crafts do you think would go over well with a group of teens?

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