Stained Glass Crafts for Christmas

So pretty and so cheap!

When it comes to stained glass, there's nothing that's much prettier than this style of art. If you were to purchase the materials to make real stained glass, they can get quite expensive, but you can also mimic the look and feel of this art with cheap materials at home just in time for the holidays.

Oil pastels are great for copying the effect of stained glass, and this tutorial shows you how to use it making holiday cards. All you need are heavy drawing paper, pastels and your imagination! You can use it to make cards as the tutorial suggests or you can create your own large stained glass effects for your home. 

There are also other ways to make the look of stained glass, from tissue paper to contact paper and much more. You could try a new medium every day!

And if you're looking for stained glass gifts, there are lots of different kits, like this one, available for sale. You could also make your own just by adding the materials all to a gift box.

Do you like to create stained glass crafts? If so, which ones do you like making the best?

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