Star Wallpaper

Get crafty while you decorate your home!

Stars are one of my favorite designs. I love everything from Neil Gaiman's Stardust to those patterned star tattoos (my youngest sister has one), and the first thing my kid drew was a star! My six-word memoir is even, "Stardust on rags, wonder in rucks." Needless to say, I'm quick to add stars to anything in my home.

I saw this tutorial for star wallpaper over at A Beautiful Mess and thought it looked like such a fun idea. I'm still thinking about where I could put them in my house (and I made go with a more traditional star design) but I love that it's a removable design so if you get tired of it you can always change it later! 

What do you think of this tutorial? Have you done any similar projects on our walls? Share your ideas and tips in the chat!

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