Thrift Store Makeovers

Have you done any?

My teen is a big fan of thrift store makeovers and they love to turn things they found into something totally new. Many of the makeover videos we watch just turn items into updated versions of themselves--new paint and a new look, but not a new purpose. That's completely fine, but I really like the ones where people find entirely new uses for thrift store finds!

My kid used some clay and paint to turn a ceramic duck into a dinosaur the other day. After giving it arms, a long tail and even glowing orange eyes, they also gave it stripes and scales, making it look pretty cool. My kid is constantly finding things to repurpose them in their wardrobe, decor and just for fun and I love to see what they come up with.

Do you partake in thrift store makeovers? If so, what have you made? Share your items or ideas in the chat!

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