Tim Burton Crafts

What are you crafting this Halloween season?

Halloween is coming and everything feels like the way it should--days are shorter, it's dark earlier, the weather is cooler and there are pumpkins everywhere! It's the season of the year and it's time to do some fun crafting. Tim Burton crafts are a great way to celebrate this season, and Geek Mom has such a fun scarecrow tutorial you should check out. Inspired by the film Sleepy Hollow, it's the perfect blend of crafty and creepy.

My family and I like to use a lot of Tim Burton decorations--we have some village houses and figures from Nightmare Before Christmas, plus two dancing Jacks. I just did a quick look to see other cool Tim Burton crafts but so many of them are Christmas-y. Now, you know and I know that the correct answer to the question, "Is Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie?" is BOTH but it would be cool to see more Halloween-y tutorials.

That said, what Tim Burton crafts have you made? Share them here so we can make them, too!

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