Tim Burton Crafts

Any sand snake makers out there?

This week it's all about Tim Burton for my family after we won Tim Burton trivia night, took home some beautiful new Burton decor items and we're really feeling the Nightmare spirit. Okay, that's pretty much every Halloween anyway, minus the trivia, but I've been seeing so many gorgeous DIY crafts that people are making to decorate their homes with Tim Burton motifs that I wanted to reach out and see what everyone is making.

My teenager is talking about modifying my old jewelry box into a Beetlejuice theme after we saw another crafter make something similar (google Beetlejuice jewelry box and you won't be disppointed--there are lots of examples, both for sale and just of crafters' projects). So now we're thinking of making a bunch of other projects in the same vein.

What kinds of Tim Burton themed crafts have you made? Share them in the chat!

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