Upside Down Pumpkins

Make these cute Halloween decorations

If you're a Stranger Things fan, you might be interested in this adorable pumpkin craft that changes a pumpkin into the Upside Down! I have been seeing so many different takes on it ranging from minifigs displayed in moss to the demogorgon here, but most of them involve gutting a pumpkin and painting the inside black, adding glitter and making it as Upside Down as possible. I've seen people use grass and sticks from their own yards or just get moss from a craft store and both are effective in this cool display.

We like to make little clay people and demogorgans, but you can even get those from the store today. My teen has a mini demogorgan from a blind bag, among other Stranger Things items, that would work well in a pumpkin (especially a larger pumpkin). I've seen most of these crafts done with pie pumpkins, though.

What do you think of this craft idea? Will you be using it? Share your thoughts in the chat. 


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