Valentine's Salt Paintings

A simple yet pretty craft

If you've never tried salt painting, you should make some plans to do it soon. Adding salt to watercolor is a beautiful way to add effects to your painting. In this tutorial for Valentine hearts, you'll be using the salt as a three dimensional effect to make your art truly pop and stand out. You only really need paint, glue and some table salt to do this project on some thick paper (cardstock works well). Your final piece will have hearts that stick out for a cool look.

If you enjoy using the salt, try any number of other salt projects. You can use it to give your painting different looks or even paint it into your art without glue. Experiment to see what you like best! One of my favorites is using painter's tape strips to put down, paint on, salt, and remove. It makes such cool contrasts.

What kinds of projects do you enjoy using salt on? Share them in the chat.

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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