Windmill TP Roll Craft

This cute, easy craft is a great way to learn more about wind energy

Maybe you're studying wind energy, learning more about the history of the Netherlands or just have some extra TP rolls lying around to do something with. No matter the reason, these adorable windmill toilet paper roll crafts are a great way to use up your recycling and teach a bit to the kids in your life about energy and Holland! 

What makes this cute craft extra special is that it works. You can implement a brad for easy movement but you can also challenge older kids to make it really blow by modifying it. Encourage them to use straws, pinwheel-like blades and other modifications to really make the wind power work! Now to see if they can use the power to generat something simple, like a toy car...

Will you be making this fun craft? Share photos of your project in the chat!

photo courtesy of Wikipedia


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