Wood Slice Ornaments

Do you make them?

Whether you have a lot of wood to slice on your property or you got a deal on wood slices at the craft store, you can make really cool wood slice ornaments and projects out of your wood for the upcoming holidays! It's a really cheap and fun way to make gifts for friends and family that actually looks pretty. But what to make?

U Create has a list of 10 great ideas, from idyllic scenes to cute character faces. They have ideas that could work for anyone who has a holiday tree, but you could also use your wood to make blocks for a kiddo. Be sure to sand them really well if you decide to do this, and use nontoxic paints, of course! You could also use them to frame photos, fingerprints (put a heart around them for an extra cute detail) and other treasures.

What do you use wood blocks for? Share your projects in the chat.

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