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Are you crafty with a ball of yarn? As a kid I loved to do some finger-weaving with yarn while watching TV or hanging out with friends, but that's about as crafty as I've been with yarn outside simply gluing it, yarn bombing or using it in other unconventional ways. That's why projects like these are so inspiring for me!

From scarves to wall hangings, cool decor to wearable items, yarn comes in so handy and you can make basically anything from it. People even make toys, play sets and other gifs from yarn. One project that I hope to lean to knit or crochet for is the Octopus for a Preemie project, which is close to my heart since I had a micropreemie. I'd love to help other preemies with a gift like this.

What do you do with your yarn projects? Share your ideas and best creations in the chat!

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