January 2009

Take Out Chopstick Crafts

If you are anything like me then your house is probably full of bits and pieces collected with the thought of 'I could do something with that.'  All kinds of shiny, glittery, funny shaped objects are piled up in drawers and boxes in my studio, and many of them have sat unused for years - patiently waiting for inspiration to strike. One thing that I collect is chopsticks, although admittedly I use them traditionally as eating utensils for when I have made Chinese pot stickers or a sweet and sour chicken.  I have never thought to turn them into craft projects.  Until now. Inspired by a friend's use of chopsticks as a funky way to fasten her old woolen sweater shut against the cold,  I looked online for other crafty uses for chopsticks and was surprised to find some very creative people turning these bamboo sticks into all sorts of clever, handmade items.  Here are a few of my favorites: Chopstick Cardigan Clasp

Make A Memory Box

Another year over.  Are you breathing a sigh of relief, or are you already filled with a warm glow of nostalgia when you look back on 2008?  Whether you are thankful for a fresh start, or hoping to continue in the same beat in the new year, making a memory box is a fun and enlightening way to reflect on the year gone by and to focus your thoughts towards the one to come. The idea behind a memory box is simple - it is a place to store things that were important to you throughout the year.  These items should be symbolic of something that had meaning in your life.  You can include anything: ticket stubs from your favorite movie, a matchbook from where you had a special dinner, photographs of your family and friends, shells from your trip to the coast.  There is no fixed rule over what should be included or not, as long as it was significant to your year.  This means that along with the good you should include some of the bad: a bill f