June 2009

Getting Crafty Outdoors, Part 1

Now that summer’s in full-swing, we’ve had a chance to enjoy swimming, summer reading programs at the library, camping and a number of other summer activities. (And if you haven’t yet, you can find lots of free things to do here.) You may have even done some indoor crafts already, which is a great way to pass the super hot days.

But did you ever think about expanding your creations to the outdoors? There are plenty of mediums and ideas outside, and getting your kids to look at twigs, grass and rocks in a whole new, artistic way is sure to get their creative juices flowing—as well as to stop the “I’m bored!” refrain! Here are some great outdoor crafts to do with your kids this summer (or even by yourself, if you like):

Great Kids’ Craft Blogs to Follow for Summer Fun

Oftentimes the summer grows old after a week of sleeping and watching Wall-E in your pajamas. Even with scheduled trips and vacation plans, the long days of summer can take a lot out of both parents and kids. These crafty blogs will give you tons of ideas to stay occupied while creating something amazing—while spending some quality time together.

Let’s Explore: This blog is full of ideas and activities that are great for just about any skill level. Categories allow for quick activity searching, whether you want something for your toddler, something to do “in the kitchen,” or even travel activities. Some of the greatest things about this site are the photos that usually accompany simple step-by-step instructions.