August 2009

Fun with Stickers

Stickers are pretty much a crafting staple. No one kind is ever enough, and they come in handy with almost any project. Considering that many stickers are super cheap—anywhere from mere cents to a few bucks, and even free if you get them in the mail from various ads or magazines—and they’re always easy to find, they’re a great lifesaver when the going gets tough—even when you’re not feeling very crafty.

If you’re in a pinch for school, babysitting or with your own children, stickers can help. Here are some very easy, simple, and fun ways to use stickers in various crafts and activities.

Junk to Gems!

Recession getting you down? Do you find that you have too much time on your hands in which your self-esteem seems to be slowly plummetting as you search for ways to make all the ends meet again? Whatever the situation, a wonderful way to boost your self esteem and get back on the positiity track is to refurbish a piece of old furniture. Perhaps you already have a piece of furniture that has been looking the same for year now, *yawn! Or if you are looking to dress up a room with something new, try scouting out yard sales, thrift stores, help friends move, or check out the free items left on the curb.

Hurricane Season!

I walked into the craft store today for a few blissful moments of sensory overload on beads, ribbons, flowers, feathers, baskets, yarn, wood, paint, scrapbooking, party invitations, t-shirt tie dye kits and on and on, and then I came to the Halloween town. The craft stores are already looking towards autumn and not only was there a complete Halloween town set up with moving ghosts and more skulls than El Dia de los Muertes, Christmas was just around the corner, next aisle over! Yes, it's true I was lost in the Halloween glitter and glamour of it all and I began to fanticize about autumn crafting, being indoors, belonging somewhere and knitting someone I love something.... what a fairytale. The point it is, it is the middle of August and summer is not over YET! It's not over!

The Wonderful Art of Origami

For some reason, the latest craze in my house is origami. It really comes as no surprise; it follows The Chalkboard Period (during which we painted a chalkboard on our hallway wall—we still use it, though not as often), the Great Fingerpainting Age (which my daughter’s just not as interested in anymore since she discovered brushes, sadly enough), and the Paper-Cutting Times (which are actually still going on).

We just love folding paper. My daughter particularly loves it when I make animals—especially the one where you blow into the bunny’s butt to make it pop up into a 3-D creature. (I had so much trouble with the blowing air part until my husband simply blew into the front. That just goes to show how outside the box I think!)

Everyone loves dragonflies: How to Attract them to your backyard

Everyone loves dragonflies, so sparkly and shiny, their irridescent bodies flying around like fast bi-planes. And those eyes and they way they hover sometimes, its like they are looking into your very soul! Dragonflies are completely carnivorous, I just learned that so if you put a pond in your garden, you'll attract a bunch of them and they will wipe out the mosquito (east coast) and ant (west coast) population in the area. Yes, the key is water. Dragonflies like water so you'll need to build a pond in your backyard. Here's how.

8 Crafts to Make with Seashells

During the summertime, we often accumulate quite a collection of seashells. From trips to the beach to vacations to people giving them to you as souvenirs, if you’re not careful, your home can quickly start to resemble an Atlantean grotto. Instead of stepping on them, crushing them, and tossing them away with the garbage, here are eight easy crafts to make with your summer collection.

Photo Frames: Simply glue four wide craft sticks together and let kids decorate them by gluing on the seashells. For a more advanced look, use actual outdoor sticks or a frame you like and add on shells, bits of colored glass, and some fisherman’s netting to create a nautical frame for your summer photos.