October 2009

Easy Animal Habitat Craft to Keep Kids Busy

I’m always looking for good crafts and projects to keep my little girl busy while I work. One of the most simple crafts that she’s been enjoying lately is one that helps with fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, creativity and I’m sure other developmental areas.

First, I make her a quick, fun creature out of origami. She loves little foxes and especially turtles. This also helps get me inspired and “warmed up.” We keep a box of origami-sized paper on my desk for this purpose, and always draw faces and other features on our animals once they’re finished.

Easy Halloween Crafts

Halloween is the favorite holiday of many people, and it certainly wouldn’t be Halloween without some classic spooky decorations. It already looks like Halloween exploded in our house (it actually did before October…we’re big Halloweenie folk around here), and much of it is the result of very simple, easy handiwork on our part. Here are some simple projects you can do to get your home spooky this month.