January 2010

Easy Valentine’s Crafts for Preschoolers

Valentine’s Day is often labeled a grossly commercial holiday—though I’ve always argued that it’s no worse than Christmas in that sense—but it’s actually a great time for teaching and craft-making with those you love. Here are a few very simple yet fun crafts to make with your favorite preschooler this Valentine’s Day.

Lace Hearts 1: These are literally hearts with lace on them. You can buy heart-shaped paper doilies for this purpose, or some real glittery lace at the craft store. Help your preschooler cut out hearts from red or pink construction paper—show him or her the “secret” way of folding a piece of paper in half to cut out a heart, or if that’s too difficult, simply draw a few for him or her to cut out. Then either glue the paper doily on the front of the heart so the color shows through, or line the edges with the ribbon or lace. Ta da—instant Valentines!

The Art of Letter Writing

The art of writing a beautiful letter is not unlike the art of conversation. It takes practice, elegance, humor, wit, and intimacy. The best way to begin is to study. Read some of the most well-noted love letters and letters of import or significance throughout the history of human civilization. Humans have been communicating by hand written letters for thousands of years. It is only in the last 20 years that we have begun to communicate electronically with increasing reliance on technology to do the talking for us. As a result of text messages, emails, and social networking sites we are able to stay in touch more regularly- but, the quality of information, intimacy and depth of meaning, is completely lost. It simply cannot exist by the very nature of electronic communication which was built for brevity.

Fun and Festive Crafts for the New Year

Maybe you’ve already made some loud, messy poppers worthy of store sales and country independence celebrations. Perhaps you created the cutest pointy silver hats with stars/ streamers/ 2010 as their prominent feature. You may have already celebrated the New Year in style—but the new year has only just begun. It’s time to make something really fun and festive! Here are just a few ideas.