February 2010

How to Make a Toad House

This summer, if there’s one thing I really want to do with my kiddo (besides plant a butterfly garden, grow strawberries and visit the City Museum of St. Louis), it’s make our own Toad House!

We’ve built fairy houses before out of sticks, stones, and other yard stuffs, but we’ve never tried for a toad habitat. When we do make one, here’s how we plan to go about it (though I’m sure my four-year-old will be changing the plan as we go along!):

We’ll use my old coffee cans for the homes themselves. My daughter and I will paint them with fun, earthy colors—nothing to bright to attract predators, but also nothing too dull, either. Maybe we’ll paint some fun symbols on them; she really likes the ones we did on her rain stick.

Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts

It’s time to make your house green, invite leprechauns in to play, and create a memorable St. Patrick’s Day for all! Here are some simple crafts you can do (with your kids, friends, or yourself!) to help invite the month of March into your home with open arms this month.

Make clay clovers: These will be easy enough to form with little hands and they are so versatile after finished. Simply use some green clay (or play dough, if you like) and form fun four-leaf clovers with your fingers. You can use air drying clay if you’d like a more permanent result. Then use the clay creations for paperweights, centerpieces, or any other decoration you’d like to have. Poke a hole in the top to hang the clovers from a tree or on the wall. Dangle them from bookshelves or other overhanging furniture for a fun, festive look.

Easy Chinese New Year Crafts for Kids

It’s the year of the tiger (cue Rocky III soundtrack) and time for kiddos to get in on the fun of making Chinese New Year crafts! My daughter and I just finished a batch of some really fun projects that are completely easy and simple for preschoolers to make. Here are just a few of them.

Year of the Tiger Finger Puppet: This easy craft can be done in minutes, yet it yields plenty of play time. Cut out a small strip of orange construction paper that’s big enough to circle your child’s hand. (Measure it with the paper first and mark it with a pen if necessary.) Lay the paper flat and let your child help you decorate the cat with stripes and a face; use googly eyes if you have them. Cut out two tiny triangles and tape them on for ears, then tape the whole tiger around his or her finger for an instant puppet!