March 2010

Host a Fairy Party

Springtime is the perfect time to host a party for—or with!—the fairies in your garden. Whether your children wish to dress up like fairy princesses and princes, or to simply create a miniature fairyland ball out of natural garden elements, it will make for a very memorable springtime memory that you will cherish—and likely repeat—for years to come.

For a real-size fairy event, try…

Inviting other fairies over. Have the neighborhood kids come in costume, or invite some children from school for a play date. Find some cute ideas for making your own fairy invitations here.

Why Knit Socks?

If you are a sock knitter, it is the question which is eternally asked of you.  "Why bother knitting socks?" must surely be the second most asked knitting question.  (Second only to "Can I take my knitting needles on the plane?"  Yes, you can take your knitting needles on the plane.)

On the face of it, there are a lot of reasons not to knit socks.  For one thing, it takes a ridiculously long time.  A knitter I know who primarily knits socks can knock out a pair in about 20 hours.  I now take about 30 hours for a pair.  But my first pair took at least 50 hours to finish!  (Memo to new sock knitters: you do get faster!)