April 2010

Sweet Spring Crafts: Pressing Flowers

My grandma Jacqueline gifted me with a flower press as a child and to this day, I am still completely enamored with it. Whether glued to handmade cards, decoupaged onto small boxes or around picture frames, placed in the center of jewelry pieces or shadow boxes to hang on the wall– pressed flowers are simply one of the most charming accoutrements of any gift. Flowers are nature's sweetest, most temporary sentiments and to press them, is to treasure their charm and innocence, for a lifetime.

To press flowers, ferns, leaves, and herbs – you must remove as much moisture as possible without spoiling their form. Hang upside down with twine for a day or two or use paper towels and a heavy book before continuing. When drying foliage, be sure that the air is dry and the light is low to avoid rotting or fading of color.