May 2010

Why Crafts Matter

People often ask "why bother knitting?"  The more time someone puts into a craft, the more likely it is that someone somewhere will ask "how much time did you waste doing that?"  The most common snark I hear is "you must have a lot of free time."  Like everyone else is soooooo busy, they couldn't possibly take up a hobby.

Knitting Cowls

Cowls are pretty great, and I think they are poised to make a comeback.  At least numerically, considering all the cowls I have knit so far this year!  I caught Cowl Fever from a friend; I have to confess, it's very communicable.

What is a cowl?  

Imagine knitting a short scarf, and grafting together the first and last row to make a continuous loop.  I have also heard cowls described as "detached turtlenecks" or "mock dickies."  

Making Your Own Photo Holders

As I pondered about what to make for Mother’s Day gifts this year, we ran across several ideas about making photo holders, necklaces, and other crafts. Ultimately we decided to combine these ideas together to make several cool crafts both of my daugher’s grandmothers would enjoy.

We started with a very basic photo holder idea. We took a block of wood and cut a few cubes out of it. My husband drilled a hole into each cube. We combined two large paperclips and straightened them; after inserting the single piece through the hole, my husband soldered the bottom of the paperclip to the base of the block. We then formed some curly shapes with the top of the paperclip and voila—an instant photo holder.