June 2010

Dyeing Yarn With Kool Aid

Now that the nice weather is here, and kids are out of school, I know a lot of parents are looking for great ways to keep everyone busy for an afternoon!  If you have young knitters or crocheters, hand-dyeing yarn is a great way to get them involved in some DIY activities.  

This is a great idea for a weekend afternoon get-together with fellow adult knitters, as well!  My first experience with yarn dyeing was at a "dye party" at a fellow knitter's house.  She assigned each of us to bring something for lunch and some of the supplies, as well as the yarn we wanted to dye.  

Carving Your Own Stamps

In researching Chinese name stamps recently, I ended up veering off into a tangent.  It seems that a lot of people carve their own name stamps in China, where you can buy cheap little kits at stationery stores.  I even found some places online to buy stamp blanks, small columns of soapstone which you can carve yourself for about $10.  Of course, you don't have to use stone to carve your own stamp, and you're not limited to Chinese characters!

Chinese Name Seals

Last night I was over at the house of a friend who was getting ready for a gallery show.  She asked me to give her a hand with stamping her chop on some of her prints.  I had no idea what she was talking about, but when she brought out a wee little box with a hand-carved stamp, and lifted the lid of a dish filled with a thick, bright red paste, I was smitten!

Cool Things to Do with Rocks

If you’re looking for an easy, free craft to do with children this summer, look no further than the rocks in your own environment. Whether you have ornamental rocks, gravel, or river rocks from your last vacation, they will come in handy all summer for easy outdoor fun. Here are some cool things to do with rocks this summer.

Paint. Painting rocks is the quickest way to get a new pet! You can paint all kinds of things on rocks—affirmation words, faces, animals, patterns, anything. Paint the names of the herbs in your garden and use the rocks as markers. Paint the names of your family and put the rocks around your plants in circles of love.

Make photo holders. Straighten a paperclip, wrap a third of it around a flat rock as the base, and curve the opposite tip to hold a photo.