August 2010

Knitting Techniques: Short Rows

Short rows are something that intimidated me as a beginning knitter, before I tried them.  

My first introduction to short rows was the Fiber Trends "Huggable Hedgehog."  I fell in love with the little guy at a fiber festival display table.  I had to have it.  Small problem: pretty much the entire thing is made up of short rows.  But I loved him so much that I took a deep breath and launched right in.

You know what?  It wasn't so scary after all.  As is almost always the case, in my experience!

Holiday Gift Knitting Patterns

On the heels of yesterday's somewhat alarming post, I wanted to follow up with some of my favorite gift knitting patterns.  Certainly we have plenty of time left before the holidays, but let's be honest - for most of the people on your list, the faster you can knit it, the better!

Watch Cap
A watch cap is my standard go-to knit present.  I like to start out by giving everyone one of these, and from there I go to a fancier hat pattern if they seem interested. 

This is a super boring thing to knit, but my experience has been that people LOVE them.  

Holiday Knitting: Is It Time To Start?

Would you hate me if I admitted that I only have one more thing to knit, and then I'm finished with my holiday knitting?  Very well, then; I won't say it.  

At any rate, I can attest that planning your knitting ahead of time is AWESOME.  You might not think so, but it's true.  Don't let this be the year when you have to wake up early Christmas morning to finish sewing seams!  

The only thing you need for this project is a pen, paper, and some quiet time so that you can sit and think.  10-15 minutes will do the trick.  

5 Quick Yarn Stash-Busting Ideas

Stash-busting!  I like to say it with Jazz Hands!  Let's do it!

1.    Stripes
Got a bunch of single skeins of yarn where you need two skeins to make something?  Try stripes!  You can create a pretty great scarf by striping yarns of two different thicknesses, or the same yarn but in two different colors, or one boring yarn and one novelty yarn.  Same color, different color, same fiber, different fiber - the sky's the limit, here!

White Folks In Knitting Books

Are all knitters white?  No - but you'd never guess that by flipping through most knitting books.

My friends and fellow knitters, I have gathered you here today to talk about the preponderance of white people in knitting books.  Although knitting is a lifestyle (some might say "craft") which appeals to people of all ethnicities, the models photographed for knitting books are overwhelmingly white. 

You may wonder, is it right to judge whether someone is white or non-white based solely on their appearance in a photograph?  It is not.  In fact, that's really rude.  

Joining Yarn: An Overview of Techniques

Up until very recently, I joined my yarn the way that A) you're never supposed to, and B) a LOT of knitters do.  Which is that I tied the new end to the old in a square knot, and later came back to weave in the ends.  

NO KNOTS!  That's what all the books tell you.  Tying your yarn ends together is like using scissors on origami: a complete sacrilege.

There are a lot of ways to join yarn.  I should emphasize that knotting at the join isn't "wrong."  If anything, knotting your ends together is a perfectly understandable expression of needless anxiety.  After all, even the slipperiest yarn will hold together if you settle the join properly.  There is really no need to knot it together!