January 2011

4 Reasons To Cut Back Your Yarn Stash

I have been contemplating my yarn stash and watching certain shows on TLC, and having further contemplations. Did you watch the one-time special show "Extreme Couponing"? The people on the show keep these huge hoards of food, months' worth of supplies, taking up entire rooms in their houses.

It put me in mind of something someone told me once, which is that in the business world, inventory is bad. Inventory is inefficient. Inventory costs you money in the long term. And it's the same with your personal inventory of yarn, as well.

10 Snow Crafts to Do This Winter

If your little one wants to play in the snow but it’s way too cold, zie has a cold, or the snow is just disappearing faster than you can say snowman, you can always keep the fun indoors with some snow crafts. Though not made with real snow, these crafts can help kids celebrate the white stuff without having to exacerbate a cold. (That said, if it’s safe to go outside, kids should definitely get the chance to explore it firsthand!)

10. Fuzzy Snow People

Draw snow people on white construction paper, then let your child glue in cotton balls wherever zie likes. Feeling the snow people when they are finished is part of the fun!

9. Make Snowflakes

Stranded Knitting, Fair Isle Knitting… What's The Difference?

If you have ever been corrected by someone when you referred to "Fair Isle knitting," you know that this is a pet peeve of many people. 

Personally I would never correct someone - I know what people mean when they say "Fair Isle knitting," and I don't take it personally.  But it's interesting to understand the difference between all the different kinds of colorwork.  Learning to distinguish between the various forms is a worthwhile project in and of itself.

Stranded Knitting
All of the things we'll be talking about in this article are "stranded knitting."  Stranded knitting covers every kind of colorwork where you knit with two (or more!) strands of yarn at the same time, carrying the un-used strands along with you as you go.