February 2011

Martha Stewart Syndrome

An 18 year-old crocheter has an amazing analysis of Ravelry data in the New York Times' Freakonomics blog. Although she draws some interesting conclusions from the data, I find it only supports something that I have long suspected.

Every knitting and crochet pattern on Ravelry has two ratings: how much you liked the pattern, and how difficult it was. Sarah Johnson has crunched some numbers and found out that out of the 205,069 patterns in Ravelry's database, only 68 of them have been rated a 9 or 10 in difficulty.

As Johnson drily comments, "Apparently, statistically speaking, nothing in the handicraft world is extremely difficult."

10 Valentine's Activities for Families

If Valentine’s Day in your house is more about family than coupledom, here are some ideas for celebrating today.

10. Surprise All of Your Valentines

Give each child a small treat or gift, along with one for yourself and your partner, if applicable. My husband picked up a baby zhu zhu pet as our daughter’s Valentine gift, and she was pretty excited to receive it early this morning!

9. Serve Only Red Food

Get creative and serve up apples, cherries, strawberry milk, cherry tomatoes, and any other red foods you can think of. Use natural food coloring if you wish for some fun heart-shaped pancakes.

8. Make Up Your Own Valentine Punch