September 2011

Missoni At Target: Embrace the Zig-Zag!

You may have heard about the wonderful disaster that no doubt had Target's upper management both thrilled and horrified in equal measure. When they launched their line of items created in partnership with Italian design house Missoni, the reaction from the public was overwhelming. Literally!
Target's website was essentially down for a good 24 hours with an "Oops!" message. When the website came back up, the entire line of goods was snapped up within the next 24 hours. A similar scene played out in Target stores, which were picked clean on the first day. Predictably, a lot of those items ended up on eBay the next day, priced two to three times higher than the sticker price.

What's A Knook?

I was first introduced to the Knook (or is it called "knooking"?) last week, when a knitting friend brought her Knook kit when we met up for dinner. She had purchased the kit at Walmart, which is apparently the only place you can buy it. Although you can make your own knook setup, if you want, it's handy to have all the bits together, isn't it?
Knooking is basically the art of knitting with a crochet hook. I think all beginning knitters have, at some point, thought "Gosh this would be a lot easier if I could just grab the stitches with a crochet hook!" The funny little twist-and-pop combo move you have to do with knitting needles to pull the yarn through the working stitch? It can be pretty tough to master!

Sometimes You Gotta Buy Yarn To Knit Yarn

It's something non-knitters will never really understand: sometimes if you want to knit up a skein of yarn, you have to buy more. I have run into this problem several times lately, for a few different reasons. All of which really boil down to poor initial planning on my part!
1. Not enough yarn to finish the project you bought it for
This is an obvious one. I thought I had bought enough yarn for the scarf I wanted to knit, but I hadn't. I had to either buy more of it, or rip the whole project back and put the yarn back into my stash.