November 2011

Top 3 Crafts You Can Make Out of Balloons

Ghosts, Earth, and Ice Cream on a Cone

My kids love creating new things out of balloons. I love it because I can get an entire bag of balloons for $1.00. The rest of the items needed for making these balloon objects are usually craft supplies I already own, but even if you have to purchase them, they aren’t expensive.

Balloon Ghost

Balloon ghosts are fun to make during the Halloween season, but also can be used around a campfire in the summer when telling scary stories.

Instruct your children to blow up a white balloon, and tie it in a knot at the bottom. Use a permanent black marker to color some scary eyes and a mouth on the front of the balloon ghost. Now give your ghost a body by wrapping a piece of white construction paper around the bottom portion of the balloon. Tape into place. Cut slits in the construction paper starting at the bottom, and stopping just below an inch from the top. Hang the ghost up, or use it to scare your friends.