December 2012

Knitting trends: Giant knits

Fashionable, and quick to knit.

If you still have some Christmas gifts to knit, then you are in luck! One of the biggest trends I saw this year was big huge chunky knits. The Gap seems to be the biggest proponent of this fashion trend, although Anthropologie had some notable giant scarves and cowls as well, if memory serves. We're talking about 1, maybe 2 stitches to the inch, tops.

Gingerbread houses bring families together

Make a gingerbread house with your kids this Christmas.

One Christmas I saw an invitation to create a gingerbread house at our local Wetlands Institution. There was a small fee to do this, but it sounded like so much fun. I took my two girls and two of their friends. We had such a blast making the gingerbread houses that I vowed to make some at home this year. The craft is a great way to connect as a family.