September 2015

Intro to fractal spinning

A new way to work with multicolored fiber
Wondering how to spin up that beautiful multicolor roving? "Fractal spinning" is an option you might want to try.
 Fractal spinning works best with fiber that has been dyed in contrasting colors and long repeats. Tonal colors, or long repeats of colors that are similar to one another, won't show up the effect as well. (But you can still try it!)

Meet Taylor Swift's biggest knitter fan

Amazing job!
When dedicated Taylor Swift fan Jadda spent eight months knitting her intarsia Taylor Swift sweater, she had little idea how famous she would become.
After finishing the sweater, the Colorado student brought it to a concert in Denver. There, she was able to give it to Taylor Swift's mother, Andrea, to pass along to Taylor. 

Summertime spinning wheel maintenance

Now is the time to get your wheel up to snuff
Spinning wheels can run for months, even years without complaint, if you keep them relatively tidy and well-oiled. But it's good to give them a nice deep cleaning periodically. And while fall is definitely on the way, it's still very summer-y in most parts of the country. Who wants to touch wool right now? This is a great time to do some annual maintenance on your wheel, before the spinning season starts back up in earnest.
Step 1: Clean