October 2015

Spinning: Chain ply versus regular ply

Such a huge difference!
Once you finish spinning up your singles, it's time to decide how to ply. For 2 plies or 4 or more, you only have one option. But at the magic 3-ply point, you have two choices: regular plying, or chain plying (also called Navajo ply, because it is the traditional technique used by Navajo spinners). Each technique has its advantages and drawbacks.
Normal 3-ply

Halloween ghost crafts

Step up your game!
When I was a kid, I would decorate our house for Halloween by making Kleenex ghosts. I would stuff cotton balls inside Kleenex, tie it off like a head, and draw three dots on it to make a face. Not the classiest craft, to be sure, but it was free - and free is a big consideration when you are six.
Luckily there are a lot of other great ways to decorate your house with hand-crafted ghosts, for crafters of all ages!