March 2017

50 Most Popular Pins

Good Housekeeping shared their 50 most popular Pins on Pinterest recently and there are so many fun ideas! They assure readers that the Pins are all easy to do and will add some spectacular aesthetic appeal to your home. Although many of us already use the heck out of Pinterest (I have something in the oven courtesy of a Pin at the moment), I thought this piece would not only give you some new ideas, but also serve as a starting point for anyone just now joining Pinterest!

JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, Michaels…

While there’s no official war being waged between craft stores, people definitely have their favorite hobby shops where they prefer to shop. While Hobby Lobby often has some of the best deals and cheaper prices—not to mention a wider variety of stock—it also has some deeply conservative ties that turn many customers off. JoAnn’s seems pricier, but often runs sales and coupons that help even the playing field.