May 2017

FolkArt Color Shift is Out of This World

If you are a fan of FolkArt paint and you haven't tried their new Color Shift line, you are in for a treat! The Color Shift line of paint not only creates a gorgeous luster on your work, but the color actually changes in the light, giving you even more dimension. There are 10 colors currently available as of February 2017. Each pigment contains metallic technology to create a shimmering piece of art, making it difficult for anything you create to look bad!

Design Your Own Planner Stickers

One of the latest crazes is to keep not a scrapbook but a decorated planner. Having kept one of these since junior high, I am happy to be in the middle of the craze! I find lots of great stickers for less than a buck on Etsy, but for that price and free (no) shipping, you do have to download and print them yourself. I like to use the full page stickers they use for shipping, then cut out my stickers with scissors. Some people use paper cutters but mine has never worked properly (it was free and used) so I'm happy to use scissors.